This one-ounce bag has all of the fruit cracker options.  There are about three to four crackers of each fruit.  


Raspberry: Raspberries, Apple, Maple Syrup, Aquafaba, Guar Gum Strawberry: Strawberry, Maple Syrup, Aquafaba, Guar Gum

Blueberry: Blueberry, Aquafaba, Guar Gum

Banana: Banana, Apple, Aquafaba, Guar Gum

Mango, Apple, Grape: Mango or Apple or Grape, Aquafaba, Guar Gum Pineapple: Pineapple, Guar Gum.

Aquafaba (chickpea water).

The fruit listed is about 99% of the ingredients.  Guar gum, maple syrup and Aquafaba are less than 2% of ingredients.  Only natural sweetners are used.

Fruit Crackers Sample Mix