About Us

We provide plant-based, low ingredient, healthy and tasteful natural and organic products.

In 2004, getting ready for my newborn to come into the world, I dehydrated fruit in abundance. When a friend compared her banana chips to mine, the difference was the taste, made from bananas (not plantains) and were naturally crispy not fried in oil.  The need to provide everyone with fresh crispy dehydrated fruit became the mission.

In 2015, Sueann started to play around with fruit puree and used it as an art medium, it was piped out to make designs showing the various colors of the fruit along with the flavors of the fruit used. Fruit crackers were created from these designs. 


Fruit crackers are very light offering another healthy snack. It uses the new "buzz word" in the food industry, aquafaba. Using the bean (faba) water (aqua) from a can of chick peas, this helps to make the crackers light and crispy.  They are dehydrated which gives the crackers an intense fruit flavor.

Now, Sueann's Natural & Organic Products can offer Fruit Chips, Fruit Crackers.  And also, Pesto Sauce that caters to special dietary needs offering dairy-free and tree nut-free pesto sauce options. Other choices include basil-free and garlic-free pesto sauce.

100% Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup is offered for sale with decorative bottles.  Processing the maple syrup with friends from the Wausau area has encouraged Sueann to bring the maple syrup down to the Burlington area in beautiful bottles for a unique gift.  These can be combined with the honey presented in teddy bear and honey pot jars.  The honey is local to the southeastern area of Wisconsin.

Other products to come include hummus and pesto flavored hummus crackers.  Look for more unique healthy items.